Monday, November 19th, 2018

When Your Valentine Grows Up: Sophisticated Gifts for Her


Teddy bears may be alright for little girls, but some women might be hoping for something a bit more sophisticated this Valentine’s Day. Although heart-shaped balloons and chocolate roses have their special place during this holiday, why not consider a gift that conveys a more serious side to love, a gift that she’ll remember. The following article discusses some gift ideas for grown-up Valentines with grown-up tastes.

Although your sophisticated Valentine might still nurture a sweet tooth, she’ll be enjoying your chocolates much more from a Tiffany crystal jar or candy dish. A new crystal vase designed by Shannon Crystal might even accompany two dozen long stem red roses. Giving crystal for Valentine’s Day is a classy way to remember the occasion and a gift she is bound to treasure.

Jewellery is a time-honoured Valentine’s Day tradition, but before you pick up that gold locket on the Valentine display rack with similar heart-shaped pendants, consider something more unique for your loved one—something she’s less likely to see around the necks of her co-workers. Instead of a heart, consider a piece featuring dark red rubies. Or, consider having a jewellery artisan create a one-of-a-kind piece just for your special lady.

The sumptuous feel of silk can add a soft side to your Valentine’s Day gift. A simple silk scarf designed with intoxicating red poppies or pink damask roses makes for a lovely remembrance. An embroidered silk kimono makes for an elegant bathrobe with the romantic Orient up its sleeves. You might even consider using a lovely swatch of silk to wrap a special piece of jewellery or small gift.

If you’re giving your Valentine her favourite perfume this year or having one specially created for her, consider adding a vintage perfume bottle and atomizer along with it. Antique perfume bottles are not just collectible—they are beautiful and she’s bound to think of her Valentine each time she sees it atop her vanity or dresser!

Books may not seem romantic on the surface, but a classic Victorian love story is a perfect winter’s gift. Consider a novel by Charlotte Bronte or Jane Austen bound in fine leather. Or, look online for a vintage edition of one of these English love stories. To spice up your gift, tuck a gift certificate inside to her favourite lingerie store.

Art makes a sophisticated offering that can last a lifetime. Offer your Valentine a vintage print of medieval lovers or an Impressionist style painting depicting the courtship of a couple. Consider other art mediums like sculpture or stained glass. When you know your partner’s taste in art, such gifts may be greatly appreciated and treasured.

If you’re choosing something practical for your Valentine like a handbag she’s had her eye on, consider adding something else inside such as a pair of tickets to an upcoming wine tasting or simply tickets to a new romantic film that’s been released. Handbags are also great places to hide little jewelled trinkets like a bakelite brooch or a pair of rhinestone earrings.

If you simply must have that teddy bear for Valentines, be sure to skip the toy aisle and look on-line, instead, for a vintage Steiff stuffed bear from the early 1900s. Because these adorable collectibles are becoming rare, they can be quite pricey. However, if your Valentine is a bear-lover, a Steiff bear might even rival a pair of diamond earrings in her heart.

Keep in mind that sophisticated doesn’t have to mean expensive. However, by putting extra thought into your gift you are likely to convey a deeper sense of love than by simply choosing a token Valentine gift from a store’s holiday display. A meaningful gift is the perfect way to demonstrate the flower of love this Valentine’s Day.

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