Monday, November 19th, 2018

Gifting A Valentine Who is Far Away


Anyone in love would want to celebrate a valentine’s day. This day is all about celebrating the occasion with your valentine. But sometimes you might be away from your valentine due to a deployment, transfer or any other unavoidable circumstances. Though you may not be together, it is still possible to celebrate the occasion with gifts.

There are several points to be kept in mind when choosing a gift for your valentine who is far away or abroad. Your gift should be able to transport well. It should be able to pass boarding rules. For example a bottle of alcohol may have lot of restrictions. Keep in mind that your gifts have to be transported back once the tour is over. Here are a few gifting ideas for your deployed valentine.


The best possible gift for such an occasion is a photograph. Nothing can please a valentine more than seeing their partner’s photo especially if they haven’t been together for long. Send your valentine with photographs of you being together. This can actually relieve them from the pressures of their work and work wonders as a gift. You can even consider a digital photo frame that will help him in keeping a number of photos together without having to carry them in albums.

Preserve your Edibles properly

Pack your edibles properly before gifting them. Things like chocolates may melt down before they are delivered Cookies may be a better option. Choose plain cookies so that the creams or chocolates in them can be avoided. Make sure you wrap them up properly keeping the long journey of the parcel in mind. Make these gifts more attractive by choosing a good colourful plastic wrapper.

Multimedia Gifts

If your valentine owns a DVD player, then you may think of gifting him with latest-released movies. There is a possibility that your valentine may not have such newly released DVDs available in his temporary stay.

Here you can even become more creative and gift your valentine with movies created by yourself. There are number of online websites that allow you to make your own movies with the photos and pictures you have. A website like the One True Media will allow you to make personalized videos which you may share only with your loved ones. Add your own music or pre-recorded music to your movie.

Other traditional gifts like love letters, love poems, love songs can still be comfortable for a man or woman who has been away from home for some time. A letter of love can be sent along with the other gifts as well. In the age of internet and webcam, people often forget the value of a letter.

Make sure you send in your gifts, a week or two before the occasion. These gifts will bring the couple closer even if they are miles away from each other.

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