Monday, September 24th, 2018

Mother’s Day – A Special Day


Mothers Day has many stories associated with it which has no credibility. Now Mothers Day is a day for saying thanks to your mother for taking care of you and your household. Kids and fathers relieve Mothers from day to day jobs and take care of her tasks for her on her special day. They take her out for a treat and buy special presents for her. It is a day for Mother’s to stretch their legs and indulge in the love of her family.

A year has only one day to show your love for your mother! Don’t you want to make it special with a touching gift she will remember all her life? If you put a little thought into it you can choose a good gift without problem. Her personality, likes and dislikes should be considered when you buy the gift. It should tell her she is a very special person to you.

Don’t buy gifts which remind of a condition that she does not like. House hold gifts like washing machine and iron have been found to backfire in some cases. Flowers and chocolates too are not considered ideal, as flowers die and chocolates are eaten. Surprise your mother with a special gift that shows your affection afsnd love for her.

Me to You Bear Figurine range has a range of cute grey bears with blue noses which will remind her of the times when you were small. She can keep it in her bedroom to bring in beautiful memories. The luxury rubber duck collection called Bud Ducks has many designs to suit the tastes of all types of moms’.  The range of Playboy products are just the thing for the cheeky younger mums or the Countdown DVD game for the extra mature mum’s.

Gifting her with a special gift is alright, but do not forget to cook dinner, clear the table, wash up and coddle your Mum on Mothers Day!

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