Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Giving a Computer as a Gift


If you are a parent, your child might need a computer. Giving a computer is no small feat as they are expensive and many times a child may have an idea of what he or she wants. However, you will probably be on a budget and might want to surprise your child, and therefore you may wish to go searching for a computer on your own. You can ask a store attendant, but often the computers they have in stores are lacking in power and can not be used for the common child applications like games.

An often-overlooked aspect of a computer is a monitor. Many believe the bigger a monitor is, the better it is. However, especially if you have a small child, you are going to want to choose a specific aspect for the monitor you buy. Many monitors and flat panels sold today have resolutions of 1300 x 680; this represents the amount of dots per inch you can see. However, this resolution is very poor quality and can hurt a child’s eyes if he or she stares at it for many hours.

To combat this, either limit the amount of hours a child will be spending on the computer, or if he or she has homework and must spend a number of hours, buy a higher resolution monitor. With a little searching, you can easily find a high-resolution monitor that is almost the same price as the 1300 x 680 model.

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