Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Gifts for kids


For children gifts are Christmas is all about. To keep them happy we spend a lot on presents. In reality you can actually spend less, still keep children more satisfied. While gifting, age group plays a vital role in deciding what type of gift to present, especially if you don’t have kids and not sure if the gift you have chosen is age appropriate.

Children under 1
Get something needful and that doesn’t cause more stress in the household. Try big stores like Wal Mart, Big Lots where you will find exclusive range of child friendly onesies, socks, blankets and stuffed animals.

Children 1-3
Stores like Wal Mart have got an entire kids set, right from dress up car to plastic foods items which are priced between £4- £15. Coloring books can also be a great option as it helps kids in developing hand-eye co-ordination. Generally, children at this age find gift wrappings and bows more interesting than the actual gift itself, so make sure that you wrap the gift bright and attractive.

Children 4-6
At this age children love playing video games. But do not hesitate, as there are good video games that provoke ideas and knowledge while playing. Some video games are completely educational making kids play and learn at the same time. Gifting movies can also be a good option as long as they are informative. Video games and movies can cost you only around £4-£7.

Children 7-10
At around 7-10 children tend to show interest in what they wear. They become choosy and love to wear a particular stlye of dress. You can get help from the mom’s or someone who works in the department to find the new arrivals. Video games can also be a good choice but rather than selecting the one of your choice, gift cards can be presented so that the kid themselves can pick their favorite game at the game store.

Children 11 and above
Choosing gifts can be quite complex for this age group as they are nearing the teen age. Their likes and dislikes keep changing. The best option is to go for gift cheques and let them choose what they want.

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