Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Eye-catching design from Italy’s finest goldsmiths, Vicenza -Fope Gioielli, offers great new trendy and precious jewellery. The luxury of gold and diamonds are well combined to offer this versatile design perfect to grace the few occasions in life. The aura of sturdy diamonds, that reflect the power of natural light in all its hues this […]

Bangles are part of every woman’s couture. Different materials, types and colours of bangles are aplenty in markets worldwide. With traditions too having a major role in encouraging the women to use it innumerable styles are available for one to choose the ideal and most befitting bangle. Bringing new dimensions to the concept of bangles, […]

The fad for being in vogue with the fashionistas makes one resort to bizarre styles. However the trendy 9ct White Gold Square Cubic Zirconia Wrap Stud Earrings with an exotic aura combines style and versatility. It keeps her in sync with the changing times, yet without compromising on her identity. Made from 9 carat white […]

Walt Whitman quotes “The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.” The 9ct White Gold Pink Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings ooze simplicity with a brush of sophistication. They say only great minds can afford simple style! Suitable for every occasion, this hoop earring is made […]

Diamonds are forever and when gifted to the special woman in life, it signifies the bond shared-forever! 9ct White Gold One Carat Diamond Pave Set Bangle with its charming looks complete with the aura of round diamonds is a design that makes every woman’s heart flutter! It is as unique as every individual, as precious […]

Finger rings are very close to a woman’s heart as it is a symbolic representation of love, commitment and promise. A diamond ring can easily win a woman’s heart. 9ct White Gold Eternity Ring With Diamonds is specially designed for those bold and daring women of this generation. Perfect blend of white gold and diamond […]

The average man’s diamond – zirconia, with the real glitter of diamonds yet priced less than a fraction is now part of every modern design of jewellery. The aura of this white stone makes it almost impossible to differentiate, except for the professionals. It reflects the power of white light in all its glory dispersing […]