Saturday, October 20th, 2018

With gift ideas offered in abundance, the buyer may get confused in selecting the best. This cute and loving Bride & Groom Personalised Hanging Ornament is made of porcelain. With the happy couple in traditional wedding dress and suit the joy it offers is immense! This gift can be personalized with the name of the […]

Searching for the ideal gifts for the newly wedded often turns out to be a tough task for majority of people. Therefore, most persons gifts money in covers for the newly wedded. Planning for a wedding will be strenuous thing. For couple who enjoys outing you can offer them an outing gift package to their […]

Possessing a sister is really wonderful whether it is elder sister or younger sister. Your sisters wedding day will be the exciting moment in your life. Certain guidelines will assist you in purchasing the ideal kind of wedding gift for her. Gifting your sister with honeymoon tickets to her favourite location is a nice idea. […]

Celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary will be a memorable occasion in a couple’s life. The wedding gift you present to them must reflect your real feelings, emotions and care towards them. The wedding gift you offer does not necessarily mean that it should be a costly one. Those who do not have much idea about […]

We should always thank our parents for what they have done for us. From financial support to emotional support they have been always by our side. The only way of showing them how grateful we are for making our wedding so successful is by giving them a token of appreciation. One can give these gifts […]

If you are invited to a wedding, you may also be expected to bring a present and if the wedding is very small or personal, it can be very embarrassing not to have one. Wedding gifts have a lot to do with the couple who are receiving them. If you are very close to the […]

A wedding is a special time for not only the bride and groom, but for all of the individuals who are attending the wedding ceremony. Every individual who is invited wishes to present something special to the bride and groom. Selecting a wedding gift is an art that requires careful planning. After all, you want […]

The tradition of giving a gift to the bride and groom has its roots in the dowry. The dowry consisted of gifts or money given by the father of the bride to his future son-in-law to found his daughter’s new family. These days we’ve evolved a less practical but more pleasurable practice of regaling the […]

By J. A. Young Wedding gifts call for something memorable and elegant. Choosing the perfect gift to give to a special couple takes considerable thought. The following are wonderful gift ideas for these memorable occasions. While Waterford is the premier name in crystal, there are several manufacturers that also produce finely-wrought crystal designs. Shannon Crystal, […]