Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Few joys make as a great an impact as the giving of a gift to another. When see the smile on someone’s face in response to a gift, you feel your own soul lighting up as if you had been given the gift instead of the other person. Shopping for a gift, especially an unusual […]

What in the world can you buy for a person who already has a little bit of everything?  They surely don’t need another piece of memorabilia or a knick knack that will simply gather dust while sitting on one of their shelves.  Toiletries are out and it’s likely that their kitchen is already extremely well […]

Whatever the occasion, wouldn’t you like the gift you give to be memorable? Wouldn’t you like to give the sort of thing that is talked about for a good long time (favourably, of course)? Consider making it your goal to find an unusual gift for your intended recipient. The best unusual gifts express the receiver’s […]