Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

The contemporary design that has the charm of platinum or white gold but is priced just a fraction Men’s Sterling Silver Ring is part of the modern man’s accessory. A great addition from UK’s coolest fashion collection from Denison Boston, this modernist style will be the most loved design now and forever. Unique superdot steel […]

A great design combining the love from heart and the vibrancy of butterflies Butterfly and Heart Drop Silver Earrings gives her the charm of modern era! Well suited for the girls in teens, this trendy piece from Kit Heath range has a brilliant exquisite workmanship. Made from sterling silver it reflects the hues of bright […]

The power of horseshoe deemed to bring luck, happiness and money is now designed in stylish forms well-adapted for meeting the demands of men and women worldwide, as accessories and jewelleries. Cubic Zirconia Horseshoe Silver Necklace brings in stylish retro design to match the varied skin tones, colours and nationalities of every woman. Though made […]

The ornament designed to celebrate the power of today’s youth Square Tassel Clear Cubic Zirconia Silver Earrings enhances her self confidence. The style of it keeps her in league with the trendy fashionistas and its aura heightens the vibrancy, reflecting the multitude of colours in white light! Unique style with 35 mm long square tassels […]

Finger rings have been part of human lives since time immemorial. Part of tradition, style or fashion statements; varieties of models are available in shops and on-line and one has the freedom to choose the most befitting one. A design to vie for and deemed unisex this classic Rotating Band Silver Ring is available in […]

The Kit Heath Range renowned worldwide for the impeccable quality, outstanding designs and competitive pricing offers innumerable trendy designs that suits men and women of all ages, colours and nationalities! Open Silver and Black Zirconia Wedge Necklace is yet another design form their versatile collection made from sterling silver. The intricate styling of the pendant […]

Rings of innumerable styles, shapes and colours have been part of the human ensemble since time immemorial. Resorted to signify her marital status, enhance her style quotient or part of the tradition different styles of rings are aplenty in the markets. The elegant Intertwined Silver Ring has a trendy style, sophisticated yet subtle! Available in […]

A design that enhances the feminine charm and perfect for females all over the world, irrespective of colour, size or nationality the elegant Cubic Zirconia Horseshoe Silver Bangle heightens her self confidence. The power of sterling silver with the versatility of platinum or white gold, it costs less than a fraction and the style is […]

As precious metals go, silver is attractively priced, but this pricing does not compromise the aura of luxury a silver gift will carry with it. Traditionally, silver conjures to mind the image of jewellery, or fine tableware, but many other items can be made from silver. And many of these items might turn out to […]