Saturday, October 20th, 2018

The term gifting is usually associated with physical gifts that are given to one’s hands voluntarily without payment. But gifts can also be presented in the form of experiences. There are a number of such gifts that do not have a physical shape or form. But these gifts are more enjoyable and will be remembered […]

 Possessions aren’t the only things that can be given as gifts.  Gift experiences are gaining popularity because they are unique and create wonderful memories for the receiver and giver.  As with other gifts, these experiences come in a wide variety of prices.  Got a NASCAR fan on your hands?  Then send them to Daytona or […]

Depending on your attitude toward faith, ethnicity and habits, there are a great many holidays you could choose to observe. Aside from that vast cluster of holidays of various denominations gathered around the end of December or thereabouts, there are numerous opportunities for giving throughout the year. Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc, otherwise known as the December […]