Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

The Christening ceremony is one of the first occasions in a man’s life. It features many sacred events like naming ceremony, Christening and Baptism. It is a very significant day as it marks the arrival of a new life. Gifting on such occasions can be very difficult as you have to choose what would be […]

 Some of the hardest choices we make during the year are often on what gifts to get for various occasions. Whether it is a birthday gift, a holiday gift, or an anniversary gift, it can be extremely nerve wracking. But one of the hardest things to find the perfect gift for are for the christening. […]

Gifts are given for a great variety of different occasions.  People give gifts for birthday, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, engagements, pregnancies, promotions, moves, and a whole slew of other occasions.  If someone in your life is going through one of these experiences, consider getting a nice gift.  Gifts are a great way to make a quality […]

A child’s Christening is a very important and special time not only in their own lives, but in the lives of their parents and family as well.  As they are Christened into the Church and friends and family gather to celebrate this momentous occasion, it is important to pick out respectful, appropriate and properly congratulatory […]