Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

You’ll spot chestnut vendors at the corner of pretty much every busy road and bustling junction throughout the city. These sweet and crunchy snacks are a favourite for the locals all year round, and without any additional sauces they’re by far the healthiest street food option on the go. I like to go Temple Street […]

Makes difference. My one grandfather was shipped up from Joburg for armed violence and no work permit, other got transported for subversive activity after Wet Firecracker War. Maternal grandmother claimed she came up in bride ship but I’ve seen records; she was Peace Corps enrollee (involuntary), which means what you think: juvenile delinquency female type. […]

Vaccines are just one hermes birkin replica more form of ammunition in the war to poison the People a war that’s being waged by the corporations that rule high replica bags our world. This war, like all wars, is extremely profitable to hermes replica birkin those who manufacture the bullets (or, in this case, the […]