Saturday, October 20th, 2018

To figure the rental portion of mortgage interest and property taxes, divide the days of rental use by 365. For maintenance and utilities, divide the days of rental use by the days of total use (including rental and personal use). You can deduct rental expenses such as advertising, commissions, and travel but not depreciation. cheap […]

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The moms they surveyed were parents of teenagers. Forty four percent of them say they wish someone had recommended that they start saving for college as soon as their kids were born. Finances are a hot button issue that persists from birth to college age.”Stay at home care is a deeply personal issue, but it […]

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The July contract expires on Monday. The June 11 $72.68 settlement was the highest since the Oct. 20 settlement at $74.25. But the general idea of “social skills are skills and can be learned”. That has validity and it part of why I do what I do. I started my career as a way of […]

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