Sunday, February 18th, 2018

I ask that you use those microphones when asking your questions for the benefit of our guests who are listening on the webcast. The second housekeeping item is that you’ll be receiving a survey today. I ask that you take a few moments to fill it out. Some advice stated that it was good to […]

In DJMAX Trilogy, “Remember” is off sync to begin with. Thankfully the rest of the game is very, very good at keeping the current chart on beat with the background music, even if the game hiccups for a bit. Portable 3, at least the digital version, can cause the chart to go off sync […]

“Incorporating 5.11 gear into Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands reinforced our ability to create a realistic open world military shooter experience for our fans.””Military and law enforcement operators are no longer the only users of tactical gear,” Driessen said. “Millions of people lead a tactical lifestyle on a daily basis, choosing to always be prepared […]

Also contributes a great deal to major Crisis Crossover type events in the webcomic world. The Rival: Keenspot / Comic Genesis. Even broke out into full on war on Webcomics published on The Duck: AGENCY Amya Anyone But Virginia Armless Amy (Under the name The weird adventures of Armless Amy.) Bad Guy High Blade of […]

Aside Glance: After telling Newland that Ellen has decided to return to Europe, May hands him the note that Ellen sent her regarding this. As she turns away, declaring, “I thought you knew”, the expression on her face heavily implies she had something to do with this. And as we later learn, she did. However, […]

Purple Eyes: Pippa’s unusual violet eyes add to her beauty. Cynicism: Highly idealistic. Rail Shooter Stock Footage: Game footage was drawn from almost thirty hours of first personal flight footage shot especially for the film. All There in the Script: The Green Death’s name, Hiccup’s full name. The result purple with a Hermes Replica Handbags […]

And Show It to You: One of the band’s later abilities. They can tear a heart out of a nearly dead enemy, and eat it. And Your Reward Is Clothes: Sort of. There’s an optional (and slightly hidden) area in the very first stage that needs a certain relic to access, normally meaning backtracking. Replica […]