Sunday, February 18th, 2018

This film contains examples of: Blind Black Guy: X Rays. Eye Scream: The Vagrant has a dead eye, which he loses when he falls into a cactus patch. Fingore Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Lt. Here We Go Again: The movie starts with Mike and Margaret and their daughter Debbie arriving at a dilapidated motel, where […]

Ermine Cape Effect: Antoni inverts this, putting away her official portrait for being too good. Establishing Character Moment: Autolochus’ line as cited under Deadpan Snarker? The second thing he says upon his arrival, in fact. The Evil Prince: Upon learning that the old queen was murdered, Priad quickly concludes that the new king is the […]

5. Persistence, persistence, persistence! At first, you may find yourself thinking finding the best beginner guitarist in you is a little overwhelming. You may find yourself practicing a bit and over again without without seeing any signs of improvement. Mr. Chez Restaurant: Chez Klutz. Cloudcuckoolander: Several characters throughout the sketches, but Debbie from “The Girls’ […]

In Berserk, the Western analogue cultures like Midland and Tudor have very few (human) magic users, really only a couple of witches who subscribe to an oppressed, near dead nature focused pagan religion. Greed: The defining character flaw of Sir Peter, Ella’s father. To return to the Replica Stella McCartney bags Character page for Star […]

As time grants us the gifts of knowledge and wisdom and perspective, we learn that things are usually not as black and white as they first seemed. Commoner’s environmentalism had hidden roots, and deeper goals, than he let on that day (though he spoke about them openly at other times). His concerns about the state […]

Magocracies tend to be run by wizards, the ones who benefit the most from a structural edifice with libraries and suchlike. So Cold.: When Grazia goes out in the garden alone, Death brushes past her, and she has this very sensation which causes her to faint dead away. Marius and Sulla too, in a way […]

Abnormal Ammo Bask Bomb An artillery battery that fires dragons. Alien Sky The north and south poles are giant mountains hovering above the planet, with a large asteroid belt circling the rest of the planet. Anti Frustration Features: The game’s resource system was specifically designed to address the problems inherent with the one in Magic: […]

Threaten. Bugs’s nephew Clyde, a minor character from the original cartoons, was also a lot more prominent in the comics. I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Belle reasons that Scrooge would only be miserable and filled with regret if he married a poor girl like her, so she breaks off their engagement. Manic Replica […]

In the Middle East lip service is paid to educating girls. They are seen as fetching a higher dowry, but they are not expected to use their education in any meaningful way outside the home. Marriage in many countries is legalised slavery. We also asked clinicians to return a “nil report” indicating that no women […]

The armor is fully moddable by Technicians however, so a Technician with the right mods and enough investment in their Whiz Kid trait could make it into something extremely powerful. BFG: Yes, it’s that one. Serial Escalation: Thought the BFG was the biggest your guns could get? Think again. Not So Abandoned Building: The game’s […]