Sunday, February 18th, 2018

It all adds up to an impressive record of success, but the Berkeley High Coup hasn’t always been so near the top of the heap. That 2007 group didn’t have much of a clue of what competitive Ultimate was about. At first, the team was just “a chance to throw and run with my best […]

Talking Animal: Saint level magical beasts. Telepathy: Saints and gods can have this ability. People can also use this abilities with their magical beasts. Time Skip: The story tends to skip forward sometimes to show the result of training. Training from Hell: Self inflicted by Linley. When he secludes himself and uses his Earth magic […]

We shot them both. Then we then asked if we could take a crack at sea duck shooting in nearby Pamlico Sound. By 1:30 that afternoon, we were at the lower end of the Outfall Canal that leads from Lake Mattamuskeet to Pamlico Sound, loading an outboard motor and 60 or 70 decoys Mr. canada […]

In fact, neither paper carried results the day following the Giants’ game against the Packers. Two days later, the Courier devoted three paragraphs to it. I realize it was played in Green Bay, but the Press Gazette ran several days of stories beforehand, essentially promoting it, and George Whitney Calhoun covered the game in depth […]

The latter explains how they get easily bored, however. Laser Guided Amnesia: Chapter 19 reveals that Bathyscaphe, of all people, is a victim of this, but with good reason though: she was so affected by the news of the death of her first captain, that for her to even continue functioning all memories of him […]

Lantern Jaw of Justice: Nikolai. Le Parkour: Daniel, Nikolai, Paul and Hannah. Lotus Eater Machine: The animus after Daniel kills the Mentor, though he seems to have recovered in time for The Chain and Assassin’s Creed III. MacGuffin: The Staff of Eden. It also happens to be the Tsar’s royal staff. Made of Iron: Nikolai […]