Saturday, October 20th, 2018

The tradition of giving a gift to the bride and groom has its roots in the dowry. The dowry consisted of gifts or money given by the father of the bride to his future son-in-law to found his daughter’s new family. These days we’ve evolved a less practical but more pleasurable practice of regaling the […]

Perhaps the most logical place to look for a gift is a gift shop. Thus the name, right? However, bear in mind one-stop gift shopping at gift shops is not necessarily a mindless activity. There is no escape from knowing the people you’re choosing gifts for, including their likes and dislikes and their sense of […]

Trying to come up with gift ideas for anyone can be incredibly difficult. Trying to figure out gift ideas can even be difficult for those that you are close with.  When you are trying to think of ideas, it is easy to think that the person you are buying the gift for has everything.  The […]

Regardless of whether you feel that the holidays in general, and valentine’s day in particular, are overly commercialized, you most likely will disappoint if instead of a gift, you give your beloved a rant about the evils of commercialism. Why not get with the spirit of the day? Just because everyone else is expressing their […]

What in the world can you buy for a person who already has a little bit of everything?  They surely don’t need another piece of memorabilia or a knick knack that will simply gather dust while sitting on one of their shelves.  Toiletries are out and it’s likely that their kitchen is already extremely well […]

As technology continues to advance and younger and older generations alike embrace the products it produces, gadget gifts are becoming more and more popular.  It seems like no matter the need or desire a person may have in life, a gadget has already been invented to use.  Whether you are looking for music gadgets, home […]

Gifts are an amazing expression.  A gift can convey so much meaning and express so much to your recipient, depending on what you have in mind.  Of course different occasions call for different levels of formality and different gifts are appropriate for these situations.  Make sure that you have full considered the occasion for which […]

Whatever the occasion, wouldn’t you like the gift you give to be memorable? Wouldn’t you like to give the sort of thing that is talked about for a good long time (favourably, of course)? Consider making it your goal to find an unusual gift for your intended recipient. The best unusual gifts express the receiver’s […]

Corporate gifts are appropriate to give at many different times during the year.  They may be a symbol of appreciation when a new client is signed, or a thank you present after a large deal has gone through.  You may want to give away corporate gifts as a marketing tool, or at certain holidays to […]

The task at hand is getting a gift for your resident hipster. Your intended recipient is possibly a friend, possibly a relative, quite likely young and definitely trendy. Even though we know you are in fact the epitome of style and cool, and set rather than follow trends, let’s say for the sake of argument […]