Saturday, October 20th, 2018

By now you’re well aware that December is the season to be jolly, regardless of religious affiliation, or even lack thereof. It is also the season to invest a great deal of time and energy into gift giving. Christmas, or X-Mas, if you prefer, has been roundly criticized for having become exploitative and commercialised. Yet […]

A child’s Christening is a very important and special time not only in their own lives, but in the lives of their parents and family as well.  As they are Christened into the Church and friends and family gather to celebrate this momentous occasion, it is important to pick out respectful, appropriate and properly congratulatory […]

To anyone, a gift is an extremely important statement.  It is important to select gifts that are personal enough to let the person you are buying for know that they are important to you.  One of the best ways that you can show someone that you care about them is by selecting a thoughtful gift.  […]

When it comes to gifts, there are a few routes that you can go. Some people will purchase the practical gifts that will help someone out. Others will buy the gifts that have been asked for. Others may think of gifts as a trip or a vacation. There are others, however, who know that the […]

Giving gifts is fun. What could be more supremely satisfying than seeing the look of delight on the face of a friend or loved one as they receive a gift from you that turns out to be something that suits them and their personality perfectly? There is one thing. All that, plus knowing you paid […]

One of the biggest gift giving events of the year is birthdays.  In fact, birthdays are the day that people receive the most gifts.  Birthday gifts are a great way to show someone that you care, or to set an example of thoughtfulness and quality.  They are a great way to express your friendship with […]

Children are probably one of the easiest groups to shop for.  In fact, most people probably just buy their kid a toy and call it good.  But there is a lot more you can do for a child when considering what kind of gift to purchase them.  And kids love gifts- if you wrap it […]

There is perhaps no more special a person to buy for than the infant or small child in your life. Whether you are a relative or friend of the family or even a co-worker of the parents, this is your opportunity to spoil a little one and then share in the joy they experience when […]

Gift giving makes a lot of people feel great, and it is an excellent way to let someone know you care.  Sometimes people find it difficult to come up with the right gift for the right occasion, however it is helpful to consider the situation and try to determine the best option for that scenario.  […]

Teachers are dedicated persons who, above all, want to transform their students — our sons and daughters— into something more and better. A teacher wants to leave a footprint behind in the lives of students; wants the world to know they were here. I remember a teacher in high school many years ago who, while […]